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Bluetooth module AT-09

With this tutorial you can send data from your android phone to AT-09 (via the Serial Bluetooth Terminal app)and read it from the Arduino IDE  serial monitor .As a bonus if you send “0” the led on Arduino will turn off

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Bluefruit EZ-Link – Bluetooth Serial Link

The Bluefruit EZ-Link is a regular ‘SPP’ serial link client device, that can pair with any computer or tablet and appear as a serial/COM port. Bluefruit EZ-Link Shield available in our shop.  

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Communicating using Bluetooth HC-06

Required Hardware Arduino Board  Bluetooth HC-06 Module Breadboard Jumper Cables The HC-06 serial port bluetooth module provides a wireless communication link between your arduino and any bluetooth capable device. HC-06 is in practice a bluetooth to serial adapter. It is

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