RF 433 Module 4 Channels

 With this tutorial you will learn how to use the RF 433 Module 4 Channels with Arduino Uno and 4 led’s. The Arduino takes a serial command from serial monitor and depending on the command it toggles the RF module pin high or low then the receiver duplicates these commands in order to turn led’s on or off.

Wiring Instructions

To wire your RF 433  transmitter Module to your Arduino, connect the following pins:

  • Connect the + pin to 5 Volts (5V)
  • Connect the – pin to ground (GND)
  • Connect the D1 pin to Arduino D4
  • Connect the D2 pin to Arduino D5
  • Connect the D3 pin to Arduino D6
  • Connect the D4 pin to Arduino D7

Now for the receiver

  • Connect the GND  pin of your power supply  to the  breadboard – rail
  • Connect the  5V  pin of your power supply  to the breadboard – rail
  • Connect each cathode of the led to GND
  • Connect D0 pin to led 1 anode via a 220 ohm resistor
  • Connect D1 pin to led 2 anode via a 220 ohm resistor
  • Connect D2 pin to led 3 anode via a 220 ohm resistor
  • Connect D3 pin to led 4 anode via a 220 ohm resistor

Instructions and Code

  •  First power the receiver and press the button once. Then power the Arduino with the transmitter and upload the code. Now the Receiver and the transmitter are paired.
  • Open the serial monitor and send any number between 0 and 7. 0 and 1 will toggle the first led on and off ,2 and 3 will toggle the second and so on.
  • Also you can pair more that one receivers to a transmitter and vice versa and the will all work simultaneously.
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  1. Georg says:

    Hello, I wanted to ask if two transmitters can work with a receiver, Thanks

  2. ERNA RAFIQA says:

    Very clear explanation to follow.

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