Bluetooth module AT-09

With this tutorial you can send data from your android phone to AT-09 (via the Serial Bluetooth Terminal app)and read it from the Arduino IDE  serial monitor .As a bonus if you send “0” the led on Arduino will turn off and if you send “1” the led will turn on

Wiring Instructions

From the Bluetooth module to arduino :

  • EN  to Arduino 6
  • STATE to Arduino 7
  • RXD to Arduino 3
  • TXD to Arduino 2
  • GND to Arduino GND
  • VCC  to Arduino VCC

Recommended Software

Instructions and Code

Download the app from play store. Hook the module up and power it and upload the code through Arduino IDE .The red led on the module will start blinking every 2 or so seconds now you can pair it with your phone the pin is 1234. Now open the serial monitor and send some data from the phone and check if it echoes correctly also try sending “0” or “1” see what happens.The code named as change settings simply changes the settings on the module,for more AT commands refer to the datasheet.

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