Fixed Power Tutorial


Add the 7805 power regulator and the lines to power the board. The regulator is a TO-220 package where the Input from the external power supply goes input on the left, ground is in the middle and the 5V output is on the right (when facing the front of the regulator). Add power OUT and ground wires that connect to the right and left rails of the breadboard.

Wiring Instructions

To wire your L7805 voltage regulator to your project, connect the following pins:

  • L7805 Pin1 (Input) –> to power supply (+6 – +18V)
  • L7805 Pin2 (GND) –> GND
  • L7805 Pin3 (Output) –> to your project

Don’t forget to connect the capacitors as in the picture on right.

Recommended Software

  • none

Instructions and Code

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