Sending Data to Database using Arduino Ethernet

I made a project using Arduino Ethernet Board, two DS18B20 Temperature Sensors and a Lcd 16×2. I used an Arduino Ethernet because i want to send the temperatures which arduino collects from the sensors to a Database (mySQL). So if you want to try this project you will need also an access to server so you can create the database and the php file. Useful Links:

Hardware Required:


To wire your DS18B20 to Arduino, connect the following pins. (I use two sensors DS18B20):

  • First Sensor GND – Arduino GND
  • First Sensor Vdd – Arduino GND
  • Second Sensor GND – Arduino GND
  • Second Sensor Vdd – Arduino GND
  • First & Second Sensor Middle Pin (DQ) – Arduino Pin 8
  • First & Second Sensor Middle Pin (DQ) – Arduino +5V over 4.7K Resistor

To wire your LCD 16×2 to Arduino, connect the following pins:

  • Lcd Pin 1 (Rss) – Arduino Ground
  • Lcd Pin 2 (Vdd) – Arduino +5V
  • Lcd Pin 3 (Vo) – Middle Pin of Potentiometer 10K
  • Lcd Pin 4 (Rs) – Arduino Pin 9
  • Lcd Pin 5 (Rw) – Arduino Pin 7
  • Lcd Pin 6 (E) – Arduino Pin 6
  • Lcd Pin 7-10 – NC
  • Lcd Pin 11 (D4) – Arduino Pin 5
  • Lcd Pin 12 (D5) – Arduino Pin 4
  • Lcd Pin 13 (D6) – Arduino Pin 3
  • Lcd Pin 14 (D7) – Arduino Pin 2
  • Lcd Pin 15 (A) – Arduino 3.3V
  • Lcd Pin 16 (K) – Arduino Ground
  • Don’t forget to connect and the other 2 pins of potentiometer to Ground and +5V.


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4 comments on “Sending Data to Database using Arduino Ethernet
  1. Jean-Christophe Duperron says:

    Interesting! I need to test this way!

  2. feedel says:

    good very good I hope from you another programs

  3. John says:

    Where is the rest of the info about this project? I don’t see hardware connections or code here, is the link maybe missing? I am working on something similar and would love to see how you implemented all this.



  4. Claudio Pérez says:

    I need to learn to connect from arduino (esp 8266) with data tables process variables in SQL Server, which I can explain the steps. The idea is to control the web, SQL Server would link arduino and Thank you very much, God bless you

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