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RF Link Transmitter and Receiver – 433MHz

In this two tutorial we will Transmit data from an Arduino to another Arduino using the RF 433Mhz Module Wiring Instructions To wire your RF link Transmitter to your Arduino, connect the following pins: Connect the VCC pin to 5

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Wireless distance measuring with ultrasonic

In this Arduino tutorial you will learn how to make a wireless communication between two Arduino boards using the NRF24L01. Also you can measure distance with ultrasonic sensor and transmit it to another Arduino with transceiver module. Wiring Instructions To

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Communicating using Bluetooth HC-06

Required Hardware Arduino Board  Bluetooth HC-06 Module Breadboard Jumper Cables The HC-06 serial port bluetooth module provides a wireless communication link between your arduino and any bluetooth capable device. HC-06 is in practice a bluetooth to serial adapter. It is

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