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Arduino Lesson 9: Making Sounds

Overview Parts Playing a Scale Sound Pseudo-Theremin Arduino Code Other Things to Do Overview In this lesson, you will learn how to make sounds with your Arduino. First you will make the Arduino play a ‘musical’ scale and then combine

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Pioneers of Sound Art Seminar

In some languages ​​sound and music is the same word.  In this theoretical seminar we will be introduced to the pioneers of sound art in the 20th century and the ways that changed our perception about what is sound. The seminar

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Ranging Detector – Measuring Distance with Arduino

Required Hardware Ultrasonic Ranging Detector (SR04) Arduino Board Breadboard Jumper Cables Ultrasound is a high frequency sound (typically 40 KHz is used). A short burst of sound waves (often only 8 cycles) is sent out the “Transmit” transducer (left, above).

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