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RF 433 Module 4 Channels

 With this tutorial you will learn how to use the RF 433 Module 4 Channels with Arduino Uno and 4 led’s. The Arduino takes a serial command from serial monitor and depending on the command it toggles the RF module

Οδηγός για χρήση αισθητήρα θερμοκρασίας TMP36

temperature sensor tmp36 arduino

Σε αυτό το Tutorial θα δούμε πως μπορούμε να πάρουμε την θερμοκρασία του χώρου μας χρησιμοποιώντας ένα αρκετά διαδεδομένο αισθητήριο, το TMP 36. Σε προηγούμενα άρθρα μας είδαμε ένα άλλο αισθητήριο, το DS18B20. Αν με ρωτήσετε ποιο προτιμώ, θα σας

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7-Segment 4-Digit multiplexing with 4511

Required Hardware Arduino Uno Breadboard Jumper Cables 7-Segment 4-Digit Common Cathode 4511 Resistors 390ohm Resistors 1Kohm Resistor 150Kohm Transistors NPN BC337 This is a tutorial on multiplexing four seven-segment (Common Cathode LED displays from an Arduino using a single 4511

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Fixed Power Tutorial

Required Hardware L7805 Voltage Regulator 2x 100uF Electrolytic Capacitors DC Barrel Jack Adapter Add the 7805 power regulator and the lines to power the board. The regulator is a TO-220 package where the Input from the external power supply goes

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Build an Arduino in a breadboard

Required Hardware 1x ATmega328 with Bootlaoder 1x Breadboard 830 Jumper Cables for Breadboard 1x Crystal 16M 2x Ceramic Capacitor 22pF 1x Ceramic Capacitor 100nF (Reset) 1x Resistor 10Kohm (Reset) 1x Push Button (Reset)   This tutorial explains how to migrate

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How to read Keypad with Arduino and I2C

Required Hardware Keypad 3×4 Matrix PCF8574A Breadboard 830 Jumper Cables M/M Resistors 220Ohm With this library and LCDI2C4Bit you can use one keypad and one lcd (and a lot more devices! like eeproms, etc.) using only two analog pins on

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How to control LCD Display with ATtiny85

Required Hardware ATtiny85 LCD Display with I2C Connection This is a useful example for controlling a LCD Display with ATtiny85. To connect them you need a LCD Display with I2C interface connection. Wiring Instructions To wire your Lcd I2C Display

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IR Remote Example

Required Hardware IR Receiver Diode IR Remote Control Arduino Uno Some Jumper Cables Breadboard 830 USB Cable A-B   Infrared (IR) is a cheap and (as you’ll soon discover) easy way to add wireless control to your project. Wiring To wire

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2.4″ TFT Touch Screen

Required Hardware Arduino Board LCD Screen 2.4″ TFT LCD TFT Shield for Arduino  

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Program an ATtiny85 with Arduino

Required Hardware Arduino Board ATtiny85 Breadboard Jumper Cables This tutorial show you how to program an ATtiny45 or ATtiny85 microcontroller using the Arduino software and hardware. The ATtiny45 and ATtiny85 are small (8-leg), cheap ($2-3) microcontrollers that are convenient for

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HowTo Shrinkify Arduino Projects

Required Hardware Attiny85 Breadboard Jumper Cables If you have a simple Arduino project that uses only a few pins, you might be able to shrink it down to a single 8-pin ATtiny chip. In this video, Matt Richardson shows you

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Controlling LCD display 8×2

LCD Display Arduino

Required Hardware Arduino Board LCD Screen (compatible with Hitachi HD44780 driver) 10k Potentiometer Breadboard Jumper Cables The LiquidCrystal library allows you to control LCD displays that are compatible with the Hitachi HD44780 driver. There are many of them out there, and you can usually tell them by

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Ranging Detector – Measuring Distance with Arduino

Required Hardware Ultrasonic Ranging Detector (SR04) Arduino Board Breadboard Jumper Cables Ultrasound is a high frequency sound (typically 40 KHz is used). A short burst of sound waves (often only 8 cycles) is sent out the “Transmit” transducer (left, above).

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How to drive a 7 segment LED display

Required Hardware Arduino Board 4Digit 7Segment Display (common cathode) Jumper Cables Breadboard This is an example of how to drive a 7 segment LED display from arduino without the use of current limiting resistors. This technique is very common but requires some knowledge

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Using Arduino with a 3×4 keypad

Required Hardware Keypad 3×4 Arduino Board Breadboard Jumper Cables Well it’s a pretty useful device to input numbers and letters,  it can also be used for security measures like a keypad door lock, and it’s prefect when you need a

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