2.4″ TFT Touch Screen

Required Hardware




For Arduino Uno connect the following Pins

  • LEDA -> 5V
  • VCC -> 5V
  • RD -> 3.3V
  • GND -> GND
  • DB0->DB5 to D8->D13
  • DB6->A0
  • DB7->A1
  • DB8->DB15 to D0->D7
  • RSET->A2
  • CS->A3
  • WR->A4
  • RS->A5

Arduino Mega:

  • LEDA -> 5V
  • VCC -> 5V
  • RD -> 3.3V
  • GND -> GND
  • DB0->DB7 to pin D37->D30
  • DB8->DB15 to pin D22->D29
  • RS -> D38
  • WR -> D39
  • CS(pin15) -> D40
  • RSET-> D41

For Touch Screen:

  • DCLK-> D6
  • CS(pin30) -> D5
  • IN -> D4
  • OUT-> D3
  • IRQ -> D2

CD Card:

  • SCK -> D52
  • MISO -> D50
  • MOSI-> D51
  • CS -> D53

Recommended Software

  • none

Instructions and Code

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3 comments on “2.4″ TFT Touch Screen
  1. Paul says:


    I spent a day trying to figure out using this touchscreen without any success. I adapted the digital IO of the arduino to have 3V instead of the 5V, and I double checked all the connection. The screen is powered with the 3.3V of the arduino. For now, I’m trying the 8bit mode (the default mode) with DB08 to DB15 on D0 to D7, but no success at all.
    I’m kind of lost in all the documentation.
    Do you have any tutorial or something to help me ?
    Through the documentation, I found this screen has an IC driver XPT2046 and ILI9325. Wich one is correct ? And which library should I use to manage this screen ?
    It looks the library UTFT does not work with this screen, is it correct ?

    Thank you for your help,


  2. Jorge says:

    how can display text???? please help me

    • Mike says:

      I also spend a while trying to understand the code, but the only thing I manage to show on the screen are colored squares. Do you know if there is any library for this shield? As the UFTF doesn’t seem to work.

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