Control AC with Triac

With this tutorial you will learn how to control 220V AC with your Arduino via Triac.

Warning: This project deals with AC electricity which is dangerous if you don’t know how to treat it safely. You must treat electricity with caution.

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To make your Circuit  to your Arduino for controling AC 220V, connect the following pins:

  • Optocoupler Pin 1 –> Arduino +5V via Resistor 180ohm
  • Optocoupler Pin 2 –> Transistor Pin 3 and to Led
  • Optocoupler Pin 3 –> N/C
  • Optocoupler Pin 4 –> Triac Pin 3
  • Optocoupler Pin 5 –> N/C
  • Optocoupler Pin 6 –> Triac Pin 2 via Resistor 360ohm 1/2W and to Screw Terminal Pin 1
  • Triac Pin 1 –> Screw Terminal Pin 2
  • Transistor Pin 2 –> Arduino Pin 10 via Resistor 1K
  • Transistor Pin 1 –> Arduino Ground
  • Don’t forget to conect the other pin of the Led to Arduino Pin 10 via Resistor 1K


Recommended Software

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Instructions and Code

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  1. tarun says:

    Sir can I also control fan speed by using this project

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