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3D Printed Robotic Arm

3D Printed Robotic Arm Wiring Instructions Required Hardware Servo Driver Arduino Servo Motor Joystick Buzzer Push Button Toggle Switch Red Led Green Led Led Holders PSU Recommended Software Arduino IDE Instructions and Code STEP 1 Head to   thingiverse  download the

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Make your plant smile

Required Hardware Led Matrix 8×8 Soil Hydrometer Sensor ATtiny85 9V Battery Battery Clip Prototyping Board Voltage Regulator L78L05 2x Capacitors 10uF 25V This is a funny project that makes our plants “talk” to us. It’s very simple and you can

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3x3x3 LED Cube with MCP23017 – Control & Effects

Required Hardware 1 Breadboard Jumper Cables (both M/M and M/F) 3 1-Kohm Resistors 1 MCP23017 16-bit I/O expander Having built our cube standing on our perfboard, we need to program it. To do that, we’ll connect the cube to an MCP23017

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Sending Data to Database using Arduino Ethernet

I made a project using Arduino Ethernet Board, two DS18B20 Temperature Sensors and a Lcd 16×2. I used an Arduino Ethernet because i want to send the temperatures which arduino collects from the sensors to a Database (mySQL). So if

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