Make your plant smile

This is a funny project that makes our plants “talk” to us. It’s very simple and you can create it in few hours. We use a sensor to read the soil moisture of our plant and a led matrix to dislay how the plant “feel”. You can use an ATtiny85 as a microcontroller.

Wiring Instructions

To wire your ATtiny85 to your Sensor and the MAX7219, connect the following pins:

  • ATtiny85 Pin1 –> NC
  • ATtiny85 Pin2 –> Sensor A0 (Analog out)
  • ATtiny85 Pin3 –> NC
  • ATtiny85 Pin4 –> GND
  • ATtiny85 Pin5 –> MAX7219 DIN
  • ATtiny85 Pin6 –> MAX7219 CS
  • ATtiny85 Pin7 –> MAX7219 CLK
  • ATtiny85 Pin8 –> +5V
  • L78L05 Pin1 –> Output +5V
  • L78L05 Pin2 –> GND
  • L78L05 Pin3 –> Input from battery +9V

Don’t forget to connect all the GND together (Sensor, Attiny85, MAX7219). We suggest to connect and the two capacitors to your L78L05 (see the image on the right).

Recommended Software

  • none

Instructions and Code

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2 comments on “Make your plant smile
  1. Mike says:

    Πολύ ωραίο projectακι και αρκετά απλό. Βήμα προς βήμα οδηγίες που βοηθάνε!
    Ίσως μια πλακετα τύπου breadboard να βοηθούσε περισσότερο τους αρχάριους.

  2. Don Aitken says:

    Hi. How long does come battery last please? Thanks Don

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