Measuring Humidity with DHT11 Sensor

The dht11 sensor is an economic way to sense the humidity of the air in arduino projects. Small size & low consumption & long transmission distance(20m) enable DHT11 to be suited in all kinds of harsh application occasions. Single-row packaged with four pins, making the connection very convenient.

Wiring DHT11 Sensor with Arduino

To wire your Humidity DHT11 Sensor to your Arduino, connect the following pins:

  • DHT11 Pin 1 (Vss) –> Arduino +5V
  • DHT11 Pin 2 (Signal) –> Arduino Pin 2
  • DHT11 Pin 2 (Signal) –> Arduino +5V via Resistor 4.7K
  • DHT11 Pin 3 –> N/C
  • DHT11 Pin 4 (GND) –> Arduino Ground

Recommended Software

  • none

Instructions and Code

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2 comments on “Measuring Humidity with DHT11 Sensor
  1. John Kitchen says:

    Great, simple tutorial! I’ve used your tutorial for a couple of different projects now – Thanks!

  2. David says:

    Why the 4.7k resistor from signal to 5v? I have not seen that else where.

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